Happy 7 months little man!

I cannot believe our little guy is already 7 months old. This time last year I was just starting to wear maternity clothes and feeling flutters. It’s just amazing that those gentle flutters are now an amazing little boy full of energy!

We had a great 7 month birthday and went to visit my very best friend from high school (Kristin) who was in town with her 2 youngest (yes she has 3 kids!) visting her parents. We had such a nice visit and Holland (4 1/2) and Ryder (3 1/2) made sure to tell me they just washed their hands before our arrival so they were allowed to touch the baby. They could not get enough of him and were giving him lots of kisses and head rubs…well more head rubs than anything else! It was too cute.

A cute story from our afternoon that made me laugh and made Dan laugh when I retold it to him tonight. Holland asked me to guess her age and she told me it started with a 4!! I began guessing 42, 47, 49 and she was clearly getting frustrated with me for not knowing it immediately and told me she was 4 and a half! Ohhhhhhh now I get it. How cute that it started with a 4.

Here is a pic of my BFF Kristin, Holland, Ryder and Lolo (that’s what the grandkids call her!)

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