Response From the Teeth Gods!

So little did I know that my dear friend Towanda is not only my wonderful, sweet, creative co-worker but she is also the Executive Assistant to the Teeth Gods! She was so sweet to respond to our letter today that I had to post it for my family and friends to read. It was just too cute to not post! Thanks T!

Dear Carson,
I’m sorry to hear that you are not feeling well and that you’re two bottom teeth need some company. I’m made a note of your request (from your picture, you look sad and I’m sure Mommy is sad too because she wants you to be a happy baby again).

So, I’m putting in a rush order on those teeth – understand that when I place the order, you may be uncomfortable when you first get them and you may be sad for a little bit longer but when those teeth come in, you’ll be smiling all over town and Mommy will be smiling with you!

So, hang in there buddy! Those teeth are comin right up (and I mean that literally!)…

Signed,Executive Assistant to the Teeth Gods.

2 thoughts on “Response From the Teeth Gods!

  1. awww.. so very sweet..Teething is no fun.. for anyone.. and unfortunately, it’ll keep on happening for a loooong time..I just went through hell and back with 2 lower molars that finally graced us with their appearance..Hang in there.. Lots of mommy hugs and cuddles for the teething baby.Please note I’ve changed my blog address.. now it’s

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