Quick update.

I realized I haven’t updated in over a week so I wanted to post real quick. I’ve been so busy at work and we are preparing for our annual users conference which is next week. I will be so thrilled when it’s over.

So back to the exciting stuff, I am so happy to say that Carson started taking a few unassissted “baby” steps this past weekend!!! He started with 2 than 3 than 4 on Sunday (3/2). They were of course very awkward and once he reached me he fell right into my arms. Than on Monday, I got a very excited call from Blair our nanny to let me know he took 6 down the hallway!!! Eeeeeeeee. My little man really is growing up. I wonder if he will walk before his 1st birthday….anyone want to bet?!

Also, he started getting sick with a cough and cold on Friday which progressed quickly and his sleep was interrupted all weekend long. By Sunday he wouldn’t nap, would scream and cry and just want to be held by me and only me of course, and was up almost every hour throughout the night. I took him to the pedi on Monday and sure enough, he has his first ear infection. He also has a cough and cold and 3 more teeth cutting. No wonder he was a mess! We were so close to making it a whole year without any antibiotics too. So we are on day 2 of them and he is back to sleeping normal, thank God since I was so tired at work on Monday I couldn’t speak or type complete sentences!

So that’s the quick update on us….

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