So we went last week to get some new pictures taken of Carson. They were supposed to be Easter pics but he was getting over an ear infection and I was fighting a cold and he literally had nothing to wear! I am sure many of you are saying “yeah right!” but I swear he really didn’t. I bought new things at BabyGap but nothing fit correctly so I just went with something he already had. I mean he’s such a cutie that the clothes didn’t even matter!

Stacy (Meadows Moments photography) did an amazing job as usual. She is so patient and talented. Believe it or not, we met on a wedding planning message board and both got married in Bermuda. Come to find out last week, we also went to the same college. Very small world! Check out the link above for her portfolio.

I didn’t purchase rights to the digital files but here is one from Stacy’s blog. Thank you Stacy.

p.s. check out Carson’s lovey “Billy” in this pic. He doesn’t leave home without him but that’s for another post!

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