Carson’s new ride.

We got this Step 2 push buggy (bugaboo according to Dan) for Carson for his bday but of course had to give it to him early! He LOVES it. He likes to just hang out in it and today didn’t want to get out of it. It was so nice out for the first of April, a balmy 70 so we took him out on the promenade around our house and fed the ducks!
Check him out!

4 thoughts on “Carson’s new ride.

  1. Hey Gina,I had to check out Carson, I can’t wait to see pics from his first birthday! He is adorable, love his new ride 🙂Happy Bday Carson!!!!!!!!Isn’t it crazy our boys are this big already? I hope all is well.

  2. Oh my gosh Gina, that last post was from me… are probably wondering who Mike is???!! I didn’t know DH was logged in, ha ha haAnyway just wanted u to know it was me so it didn’t look like some creaper was posting about your kid 🙂

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