It all began one year ago tonight.

I got my first contractions around dinner time on April 9th and told Dan that this was it, I knew I was in labor. I was 8 days late and visited the doctor that day. We scheduled an induction for Friday the 13th and everyone said that once the induction was scheduled, I would go into labor on my own. Boy were they right!!! I never knew I would be so happy to be in pain. I really wanted to experience labor but after having contractions at home allllllllllllll night, I wanted it to be over. Who knew he wouldn’t arrive until almost 24 hours from my first contraction!

I knew he wouldn’t be in my belly forever but after being so late, I never even packed a bag. I mean, I did have the bag out and ready to be packed but never really put much thought into what I needed. Crazy for me since I am a huge planner!

Anyway, I just wanted to blog about it tonight since it really brought back memories tonight as I sit here and reminisce about Carson’s birth.

I will post more tomorrow with his one year photo and something special I made for his birthday!

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