Dear Daddy. From Carson.

Dear Daddy,

As you know Mother’s Day and your anniversary are approaching and I wanted to let you know of a few things that I think mommy would really like. She always tells me about things she likes when we are out shopping on the weekends and out for walks and I know they would all make her very happy. Besides, she has been an amazing mommy for the past year and really deserves something special. Dontcha think?!

1 – A Nikon D40 camera. She’s been talking about this thing since I was in her belly. She really acts like the paparazzi so this would be a perfect gift!

2 – Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Clutch. Mommy and I saw this at South Moon Under and she loved it!

3 – A Links of London bracelet. Mommy told me that she saw this when she used to travel to the UK and always wanted one. They now carry them at Nordstrom online too. Oh and you can buy little charms that go on the bracelet to make it really special!

4 – If all the others are too expensive, I also know she really really wants a Strollometer for our stroller since we exercise together. For 40 bucks at, it’s a steal!

I know I don’t have enough in my piggy bank just yet but I thought maybe we can chip in. Let me know what you think!


4 thoughts on “Dear Daddy. From Carson.

  1. Carson ~ Not only are you cute, but you are SMART! I’m sure your mommy would love those gifts!! (Esp. the camera! – from what I hear my mommy wants that, too!)Love,Acadia

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