The reason I have been a bad blogger.

I almost forgot I had a blog, oops! We have been extremely busy these last few weeks and I am behind on everything, or so it seems. I have 2 cameras full of pictures and lots to share but I am just too tired to type.

Our big news is that we are moving! We always knew we would leave the city when we had a family but I didn’t think it would be this soon. Well we found the perfect house in the perfect community and couldn’t pass it up. Here it is….single family on a corner lot in a gated golf course community (just for Dan!).

It’s new construction but since we didn’t pick out all the upgrades or basically anything in it, we have a contractor friend of Dan’s in there now doing lots of work. We are moving in mid-November and are very excited. We go up there pretty regularly to take care of things and get Carson used to his new surroundings.
Wish us luck that we made the right choice!

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