Big day in our house today.

Carson announced he pooped!!! Who knew I would be so excited. Normally I ask him when he smells from across the room and he says ‘noooo’ so believable but tonight while getting ready to take a bath he went into the bathroom and first told Dan and of course he sent him to me and he came right up and said “i pooped mama!”

Why does that make me so happy?!! Now I know potty training will be a long road and seeing what my sister when through with her 2 boys does not excite me to get started. Sorry Cara! I actually just found a very large potty training manual she handed down to me, LOL!!!

3 thoughts on “Big day in our house today.

  1. Wow.. that’s amazing.. Still at two Rodri is not there yet and I’m terrified of the day we have to start potty training (trust me, I’m in no hurry to deal with portable potties and little accidents)Kudos to the little man!

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