First Christmas Pageant!!!

Check out the video above! Carson started a new school 2 weeks ago since we moved and he is doing GREAT. We love this place and they had a Christmas show today where all the different classes performed. I was hiding in the back of the room because I knew he would cry and run off the stage if he saw me. He’s been practicing jingle bells all week and his ‘FREEZE’ dance. I had no idea what it was but he kept saying FREEZE and throwing his arms back. It was all for the show!!!

This is his class, how cute are they? It’s not a great video since it was very crowded and there were a lot of heads in my way but I did my best and zoomed in on Carson most of the time. I had to stop the video because he saw me and went to run off the stage! His teacher (in the Santa hat) caught him and he threw his arms up and yelled FREEZE!!

Enjoy the cuteness!

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