Happy 22 months Carson!!!!

You amaze us every single day and we love you dearly. Only two more months until your birthday.

So just for the occassion, here are 22 things I love about you:

-I love the way you call me ‘mommy’ now instead of ‘mama’
-I love it when you wake up in the morning and say “all done sleep” and then tell me “lights on”
-I love how you demand for me to “get dressed” and then go into my closet and say “wear this” as you pull out sweatpants and tell me to put them on as my shirt!
-I love it when you and daddy make tunnels together and you hide from us and say “where Carson?”
– I love your toes and how you curl them up like a monkey
– I love your love for the Little Einsteins and how you know all the words and what is going to happen next
– I love how you tell me what the weather is like outside each day
– I love how you want us to take turns playing with your bath toys and you make us go in order every night “mommy’s turn, daddy’s turn, carson’s turn!!”
– I love how you tell me that the show on tv is over as if I didn’t know!
– I love how much you love cars and trucks and well anything transportation for that matter
– I love how you stare out the windows on the way to school each morning and tell me what you see
– I love when you ask me to sing a song for you and it’s always the same one “do da do da”
– I love how you tell me what you did at school everyday and name all your friends and teachers
– I love your dimple
– I love when you ask me to sit at your table and then make me switch seats over and over
– I love how you say your name
– I love how proud of you of your daddy and like to say “that’s my daddy”
– I love it when you give me kisses and hugs and lie your head down on my shoulder
– I love when you cuddle with me before bed and ask me to read “3” books and tell me “no not that book” when I pick up the one I want to read!
– I love that you have an opinion and know how to express it
– I love that you have manners and already say ‘thank you, scuse me and bless you’
– and finally I love you more than life and am so happy that you are going to be a big brother!!!!

3 thoughts on “Happy 22 months Carson!!!!

  1. omg… CARSON IS GOING TO BE A BIG BROTHER!!Ype.. I read the entire list!!! Congratulations Gina!! How exciting!! yipeeee!ah.. Gummy also has a dimple…only one.. and I lurv it!!Big congrats momma!

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