So about my ‘now’ 2 year old!

I keep meaning to get back to updating and posting pics from his birthday party but time just gets away from me! I guess working full time, running around after a toddler, doing all sorts of house projects in my spare time, and being 7 months pregnant might have something to do with my absence but I’m not one to make excuses. 🙂

Anyway, this age is the BEST. I might change my mind as he gets older but right now, he is just so sweet and loveable yet independent and strong-willed, so curious and creative, and just hilarious. Oh and did I mention how polite he is and the way he uses his manners?!
So the pics from his party are just awful so I won’t be posting those…well maybe 1 but oh my gosh, his hair was sooooo long. Here is one from the morning of his party though. He loves to wear Dan’s hats around the house and be just like his daddy.

And here he is again, he hated this hat until this day so I let him wear it as much as he wanted. After all, it was made with love!

More to come soon as I download pics from the past few weeks….

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