Me and my daddy.

This is probably a great post for Father’s Day but since I was downloading pics, I thought I would just post about my creative husband. I seriously had no idea how creative he was until we had a child and now I am just amazed at the games and ideas he comes up with every weekend on how to keep Carson entertained. Carson just loves it of course and thinks his daddy is just all that and I really can’t blame him!

I was downloading some pics today and found a few that were taken in the last month or so showing some of the things they do together.

This is right after Dan used some of Carson’s baby blocks to build a tunnel. Carson loves tunnels and hiding his cars (or cores as he calls them!) under anything that can be constructed as a tunnel. Looks like they are playing a game of chess to me!

Then I walked into the living room one day and found this sight! Dan had constructed a fort from pillows, blankets, and Carson’s chair which is actually a regular occurence in our house. Carson likes to hide from us in it too.

And lastly, they wash cars together too….

That’s all for now!

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