Tyler is 2 months old today!

Happy 2 months baby Tyler!!

I cannot believe how fast the time goes and I say it ALL the time. We don’t have his 2 month appointment until Thursday so I will have to update then with his stats but for now I wanted to let you all know that the soy formula is a life changer for us. He is now like a new baby and no longer crying and fussing 10+ hours a day. I cannot believe I didn’t use my mommy instincts sooner to know that it might be the formula causing him so much discomfort and could kick myself for it. We lived in hell for 4 weeks and I cannot imagine how his little body felt too, poor guy. He is still on the reflux meds and I plan to talk to his doctor on thursday on a plan of action because I am not sure if he still needs them or not. I do believe he has reflux and still see the signs and symptoms but not sure if he is on the right medication or not since they never seemed to help when he was on the regular formula.

Anyway, here is the little cutie this morning doing some tummy time….

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