Tyler – 2 months stats!

Just a quick update from Tyler’s 2 month pediatrician appointment today.

Height – 22 1/2 inches
Weight – 12 lbs 1 oz
Head – 41 cm (no idea why they give it in cm??)

He got 4 shots total and took them like a champ and only cried for a few minutes. We discussed a number of things today including a flat spot that Tyler has developed on his right side. I just noticed it on Monday and I am sure it was caused from all the holding I had been doing during his “awful” phase in addition to him sleeping in the bouncer all those weeks too. Our doc always has a way of making me feel better though. He thought Tyler’s flat spot was nothing bad at all whereas I see it as pretty bad and thought a helmet might be in our future. I guess he’s seen it all. I’ve been rolling up a blanket and propping it under him so he leans toward the other side when sleeping and trying to do as much up and tummy time as I can. He said this is so common between 1-4 mos since they do spend so much time on their backs and their heads just like to favor one side.

We also discussed his horrible sleeping and he said it’s a phase I unfortunately have to go through and there isn’t anything I can do but keep trying over and over and over to get him to sleep like I have been doing. He has to get used to sleeping on his back and in the crib and I just need to keep at it so at least I am doing something right. I haven’t given up. He said I can count down the days to 4 months where he says it’s ok then to sleep train. Maybe Tyler will surprise me and start to sleep better by then.

And finally we discussed the reflux, formula, etc and I’ve been instructed to stop the meds today and see how he does for a week. There’s a long story as to why they want me to do this but basically it’s to see how his body reacts to just being on soy. We haven’t had any episodes of the arching and the gasping has only happened a few times with one being yesterday. So that’s where we are. I have to call them back next week with an update or if he gets bad for some reason I have to call immediately.

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