It’s not too late for a summer recap is it?!

Yeah yeah yeah it’s already the first week of October BUT I have a great excuse to be a slacker since I was on maternity leave and my hands were full (literally) all the time with no time to download pics.

So, I would like to recap our summer of 2009 if you don’t mind….we stayed home and didn’t go anywhere really but we still had a nice summer.
-Carson got a new tricycle and a helmet too. He got to take his bike to school on Fridays in the summer for “bike day” and ride around the parking lot with his friends.

– Carson and daddy enjoyed MANY trips to Home Depot.
– We hit a local fair on the 4th of July and Carson won his first goldfish.
-Daddy and Carson also enjoyed swimming in the pool while I watched with my big pregnant belly since I wouldn’t dare put on a bathing suit!
-Carson washed cars, rode his bike, cleaned the garage, and played lots of t-ball.

– We decorated and got ready for baby Tyler’s arrival

– The papi fairy came and took away the papi!!! She left behind lots of new presents too.
-We played with a spray bottle day and and day out and also had to deal with a tantrum when it was empty!

– We welcomed baby tyler into our family
And watched Carson fall in love with his baby brother
-And last but not least I fjnally got a double stroller that met my needs and did a ton of walking and got this baby weight off!! Only a few more lbs to go.
Oh and I realized I had tyler in july and I didn’t include any updated pics of him but I am getting there, I promise!!

One thought on “It’s not too late for a summer recap is it?!

  1. Yay for a great summer!! I've been meaning to do a summer recap too…but just haven't had time. It might be December before it gets done at this rate 🙂

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