Long story about our long week.

I am sick and typing this all out because I am feeling sorry for myself and can use some happy thoughts please!

I have a terrible cold and a cough, I can’t stop sneezing, my nose is running like a faucet, and up until last night I was achy for 2 days and my throat was on fire. I don’t think there really is anything worse than being sick when you have 2 kids to take care and work full time.

Let me rewind a little bit to give you the full story. Last Monday, Carson went to bed just fine but woke up at around 2 am (I guess that would be Tues morning!) crying. This is so out of character for him and he felt a tad warm so I gave him some motrin and he came into bed with me. He has never slept in our bed before but since Dan had fallen asleep on the couch and I was very tired having just finished feeding Tyler, I thought one night won’t hurt anything. I went to work as normal and got a call around noon that he was running a fever and I needed to pick him up. I got there about an hour later and he was burning up. I gave him more motrin and lots of cuddles the rest of the day. Then at bedtime, he sounded terrible. His breathing was definitely off and it was making me nervous so I let him sleep in my bed. I always tell him that when he is sick we have to see the doctor and that he has to speak up and tell me so we can fix it.

So around 9 pm, he is crying for me from my room and I go in there and through his tears he tells me he can’t breathe and wants to go to the doctor. He had a pretty high fever and I was definitely scared since he was gasping a bit to speak and you can hear how his breathing was very labored. I quickly got ready and took him to the ER while Dan stayed home with Tyler. As soon as we got there and they heard him breathing/gasping (it was very loud even from a distance) they took us right back to pediatrics and got us into a room. Within minutes he was given a steroid shot and a breathing treatment. Turns out he had stridor which is basically like croup where his upper airways were inflammed from a virus he had caught. We were there until about 3 am because they wanted to monitor his oxygen levels and make sure he was breathing ok.

He ended up sleeping in on Wednesday because he was up all night and when he finally woke up he came busting out of my room to show off his hospital bracelet and stickers. He continued to have a terrible cough but his fever went away. Then on Thursday he was acting fine and still no fever so he went to school. Thankfully I was working from home because they called me again after naptime to tell me his fever is back and is pretty high. So I go get him again and we repeat the motrin and cuddles. etc etc. He’s not allowed back into school at this point since the fever has to be gone for more than 24 hours so he stayed home on Friday and Dan took him to the pediatrician. Turns out he has croup and it’s lingering which is why the fever is coming and going. Also, the ER doc should have given him a prescription for a 3-day oral steroid but didn’t. So we get that filled and going and cross our fingers he is better for school on Monday.

This is when I start to feel like I am coming down with something too. He has been sleeping w/ me every night so it was inevitable that I was going to catch something. So we go about our weekend and didn’t really do too much at all. Carson slowly got better as I got worse and still has a yucky cough but thankfully no more fever. Much to his disappointment, he had to sleep in his own bed last night too. He begged and pleaded to sleep with me but in the end we won and all was good. Now I know what it’s like when my friends tell me they can’t get their kids to sleep in their own beds. It’s much more comfy with mommy!! And secretly I sort of enjoyed it too. I loved his snuggles and the middle of the night hugs but I didn’t like the kicks that woke me out of a deep sleep or finding his stinky lovey on top of my head.

So now I just need to feel better and make sure that Tyler doesn’t get sick too. I love my husband to death but if he felt as yucky as I have been feeling, he would have spent the weekend in bed but noooooooooo, I had to be supermom too. Maybe he will read this and realize that he should have let me stay in bed all day yesterday!!

This is getting long and if I continue I will start to sound really whiney which is totally unlike me since I am normally very happy and grateful for my family and the life I’ve been given.

I will come back in a few days hopefully feeling better.

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