Happy Halloween!

I just wanted to post some pics of the kids and a few of Carson from his previous Halloweens.

Tyler didn’t have a costume because I couldn’t find one I liked in his size and I figured he wouldn’t know the difference anyway. But today I really wanted to get a cute pic of him so I put the hat from Carson’s first Halloween costume on his head and hit fit. The rest of it was way too big since Carson was 6 months old when he wore it.

So here is the cute little pumpkin!
He could care less what I put on him and how many times I take his picture but what I discovered is that you get to dress them in cute costumes that YOU like for the first two years and then they get an attitude and an opinion and actually want to pick out their own costume and you have to just relax and go with it even though you don’t like it!! Oh and they also start to hate getting their picture taken too. (((rolling eyes))))

Carson was Diego because at the current time he LOVES Diego. And here is he is telling me that he doesn’t want me to take his picture and to stop. And the costume was so thin and cheap that he had to wear it over his clothes as you can see here.

He even had a rescue pack like Diego too and Dan had to fill it up with his favorite cars and random things from around the house. The imagination of a 2 year old is just so much fun!

And here is my sweet innocent Carson at 6 months old on his first Halloween…

And as a monkey on his 2nd Halloween…..

Oh and what am I going to do with all this leftover candy?!! We live in a neighborhood full of kids and got like 10 trick-or-treaters total. Ugh.

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