He’s a roller.

Tyler’s been rocking back and forth for a few weeks now and rolling from belly to back which I read is what a lot of babies do as early as 3 mos but on Thanksgiving he officially became a back to belly roller! He was perfecting his moves all weekend and now can get on to his belly, remove his stuck arm, hang out, and then go roll back to his back.

When he first started doing it, he was rolling at every nap and waking himself up but night sleep hasn’t been affected yet and I am hoping it’s not so bad and he can figure out how to get back over and not need me.

I looked back to see when Carson started rolling because I wasn’t sure if he was early or right on track and he’s definitely earlier than Carson. Carson started rolling at 5 mos 1 week and Tyler is 4 mos 2 weeks. Maybe when they get older they can use this milestone when they try to “one-up” each other!! I can just see it now “well I am smarter because I rolled before you did so there!” LOL!!

Here’s a video of him from the weekend showing off his new skills!

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