A very unhappy Christmas tree.

Dan (aka Mr. Christmas) decided he wanted a real tree this year and not only that, he has gone all out with the decorating. It’s actually kind of fun seeing him get all excited for the holidays now that we have kids. Carson is just all about it so it makes Dan want to do more more more I guess.

Anyway, back to my story. So last weekend Dan went and got the tree on Friday since they called for rain and snow on Saturday and we knew it would be too wet the rest of the weekend to get one. Great. So we spent the better part of Saturday getting it all arranged in the house, putting the lights on, then the ornaments and then finally just enjoying the fruits of our labor. Carson just loved every single minute of it. He had to touch every ornament, ask all sorts of questions, etc.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon, the tree FALLS DOWN. Oh my gosh. I cried. Dan wasn’t home, Carson was napping and Tyler and I were just sitting there playing when it came crashing down. And of course it fell on the wood floor so I heard ornaments breaking.

(unhappy tree)

Carson woke up shortly thereafter and came downstairs and immediately got upset because I was so upset. He said “mommy that is not a happy tree” and he was so right. I was so ready to throw the thing outside and put up my fake pre-lit tree that I’ve been happy w/ for many years but in my heart I knew we had to fix it. We had to do it for Carson. So we removed all the ornaments that survived and along with the help of our amazing next door neighbor, Dan cut down the stump and got the tree secured and ready for round two of decorating. Dan even glued the broken ornaments back together too.

Happy Tree!

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