Bye bye October – it was fun!

I’ve been such a horrible blogger lately and even tossed around the idea of stopping altogether but then the guilt set in and got the best of me. I don’t keep a journal, nor did I keep baby books for either child so this place really has all of their memories all wrapped up in an online journal of sorts I guess. So here I am. I am back and making a commitment to blogging more regularly. They are growing up so fast and if I don’t continue to document their lives here, than all of those memories will be lost. I mean let’s face it, I can’t even recall what I just had for dinner never mind remembering all of Tyler’s new words!

October was a fun month for us. There were birthday and Halloween parties, my birthday, pumpkin farms, Carson turning 3 and a half and more. Oh and Tyler turned 15 months old. HOW did that happen?! I stare at him in awe of how grown up he is and he’s so darn smart! He says a ton of words. He basically understands everything you tell him to do and takes direction really well – unlike a 3 year old I know! He pretty much now knows all of his body parts (the typical ones that is), he tries to repeat everything we say, he LOVES books. I mean just loves to sit down on your lap or anyone that has a book and just point to the pages and listen. He is recognizing different animals and so far does the sounds of ducks, lions, and pigs. Dan says he does an elephant too but I’ve yet to hear that one! He is also learning colors at school and so far knows blue.

Here are some recent pics of the past month of fun…..

A visit to the pumpkin farm.

Me and the boys.

At Carson’s BFF’s Halloween party. Tyler got the first swing at the pinata! We took his costume off since it was so hot outside and he was sweating.

Carson got a few tries too.

Halloween parade at school.

Tyler loved it too. You may recognize that costume from here.

Taking a break to read to his little bro. I told you that Tyler loves to sit on laps. : )

And some kisses too. Tyler loves to give out kisses and hugs. My little lovebug.

And Halloween. Daddy and the boys.

My attempt at a pic of the two of them together. Tyler wasn’t having it.

I also took Carson to see Toy Story on Ice but my pics are all from my phone and bad quality. He LOVED it. We had a nice one on one date which rarely happens these days.

So on to November… back soon.

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