Countdown to 4.

One week from today, this batman look alike will be the big 4. He is so excited and asks every day when he wakes up if today is the day of his party. Yesterday he had me run down the list of friends from his class who are coming and as I said their name he told me what gift they got him. I guess this is the topic of conversation in a preschool class. I can see it now “so what did you get me for my party?”

He is all about batman and super heros right now so he walks around in this costume on a regular basis! Oh and he changed his mind a few weeks ago and wanted a Ke$ha cake instead of a batman cake but I am glad I talked some sense into him and we are back on track with batman. What 4 year old even knows who Ke$ha is anyway??!! It would have been hilarious if I actually did print a cake with her on it.

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