Week 1 – done.

Dan finished his first week of treatment which means only 5 more to go! He is so brave and such a good sport especially with allowing me to document his journey. If you have ever been curious what it looks like to get radiation, here is your up close and personal view…..the netting you see on his face is the mask I talked about in one of my previous posts and it holds his head steady on the table. He gets comfy and they crank up the music for him too, which I can hear from the waiting room across the hall!

Today was a long day and each Monday will be this way. After check in he goes to the lab for bloodwork, vitals, and they also measure his height and weight. He is down about 25 lbs since diagnosis and although that sounds like a lot, he says it’s a good weight for his height – see how positive he is!? And apparently he shrunk too. They measured him about 1/2 inch less than what he’s been telling people all these years!

Next was his 11:30 treatment and than we meet with Dr. Kleinberg (radiation doc) and also separately with Dr. Holdhoff’s nurse (oncology). So far everything is right on track and his numbers look great with no changes from last week which is the news we wanted to hear.

By the way, Dr. Kleinberg was so backed up today with appts (around 2 hrs wait time) and it’s hard to be patient when you are tired and hungry but I kept reminding Dan that all of these people have cancer too. I am just so sickened that so many people are there fighting to be healthy. I look around the waiting rooms and even talk to so many people who are from all over the world (some with translators even) and seeing other young couples like us, it’s hard to hold back tears. I found out today that 200 people were coming to the building for radiation – that’s just radiation alone in one day. I think the number was 600 that the medical oncology office is treating for chemo.

I will continue to update as he progresses. Thanks for reading!

10 thoughts on “Week 1 – done.

  1. Thinking of him daily, G! Thanks fir the update. Hus attitude is awesome and such a rock for this treatment. Agree with Katie – yay for being down a week!!

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