Pee wee lacrosse begins.

Carson could not wait to start lacrosse. He asked last year but you have to be 5 to play pee wee so this year he was finally able to play. He started practice last week which is twice a week. Based on the fact that he won’t stop talking about it I think he loves it. He even asked if he could play in college! Let’s not grow up too fast Carson but yeah, a scholarship to Duke would please your mama.

After all, he wants to be just like his older cousins who play. Let’s just hope he stops asking to grow out his hair like them too.

It is so darn cute watching these little dudes in full gear. Here was practice last night, he is in the neon yellow tee. And yes, it was in the 40s and he was wearing shorts. I pick my battles I tell ya!

carson lacross practice

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