6 weeks ago.

I got a phone call from my boss that I was no longer needed. I was shocked. I honestly didn’t even have time to process what he was telling me because I didn’t expect it at all. I think the hardest part for me was that I was working from home that day so I wasn’t even given the chance to say goodbye to my friends. The people who stood by me and supported me through Dan’s entire illness and death. Having spent every single day with me for 3 years, they knew me best.

They were there when Dan called to tell me that his MRI was abnormal and he had to go straight to the ER. They were there when I doubled over on my desk unable to talk. They helped me find the strength to drive home that day. And they were there checking on me and my boys the next 11 months as I was in and out of work and spending countless hours at Hopkins. They came together and even did things for me like bake sales and raising money to donate to my kid’s college fund. The sales team even went so far as to donate their contest money that was given out during our last company kickoff to my boys. My former colleagues were truly selfless and I am still so humbled by their generosity. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting me when I needed you most.

So now what? Well I know things happen and believe nothing is a coincidence so I decided to embrace my new unemployed status and work on myself, spend time with my boys, and work on my house (inside and out). I have to say that I have never spent so much time alone and this is good for me. I am sure I will land on my feet and find something I love again but until then, I just carry on with a smile. : )

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