About Me

I started my first blog after the IMG_1513birth of my son Carson who is now almost 6. It was a way for me to document our new life as parents and to share pictures with my family who can’t get enough of us!

Since that time, Tyler was born who is now 4 so the name of the blog was no longer appropriate. I changed the name and continued to blog on and off but life got in the way and I became a blog slacker.

Then in October of 2011, my life changed forever when my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer. He fought a very tough fight for 11 months and cancer won. He lost his battle on September 13, 2012.

So the ‘about me’ section of my old blog said I was a wife, a sister, an aunt, a daughter, a professional, and and most importantly a mommy to two amazing little guys named Carson and Tyler. But now, I have to add widow to that list even though I really hate that word. I’ve been told that I can rewrite the widow handbook since I haven’t followed any of the so-called ‘widow rules’ and hopefully this blog will show you how I do it.

I titled it No Time for Grief because there is no down time when you are trying to raise 2 crazies like my boys, work full time, keep up with all the house duties, and have a social life. I know Dan would want us to continue living so that is exactly what we do every day. We live with no regrets. I will be posting lots of pics so be prepared and trust me, they aren’t edited or perfect in anyway. As you can see from the one here, no one cooperates but me!

I hope you enjoy reading and come back often.


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