A very unhappy Christmas tree.

Dan (aka Mr. Christmas) decided he wanted a real tree this year and not only that, he has gone all out with the decorating. It’s actually kind of fun seeing him get all excited for the holidays now that we have kids. Carson is just all about it so it makes Dan want to do more more more I guess.

Anyway, back to my story. So last weekend Dan went and got the tree on Friday since they called for rain and snow on Saturday and we knew it would be too wet the rest of the weekend to get one. Great. So we spent the better part of Saturday getting it all arranged in the house, putting the lights on, then the ornaments and then finally just enjoying the fruits of our labor. Carson just loved every single minute of it. He had to touch every ornament, ask all sorts of questions, etc.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon, the tree FALLS DOWN. Oh my gosh. I cried. Dan wasn’t home, Carson was napping and Tyler and I were just sitting there playing when it came crashing down. And of course it fell on the wood floor so I heard ornaments breaking.

(unhappy tree)

Carson woke up shortly thereafter and came downstairs and immediately got upset because I was so upset. He said “mommy that is not a happy tree” and he was so right. I was so ready to throw the thing outside and put up my fake pre-lit tree that I’ve been happy w/ for many years but in my heart I knew we had to fix it. We had to do it for Carson. So we removed all the ornaments that survived and along with the help of our amazing next door neighbor, Dan cut down the stump and got the tree secured and ready for round two of decorating. Dan even glued the broken ornaments back together too.

Happy Tree!

Thanksgiving 2009.

I asked Carson what he was thankful for today and he told me “race cars, tractors, mommy, daddy, and baby tyler.” Yes in that order too! Gotta love the mind of a 2 year old.

We had a very low key Thanksgiving today with just the four of us. Dan and I had been going out to eat every year but Tyler’s age is a bit hard to do that right now so we decided to stay home all day. It ended up being a VERY long day since Tyler only cat naps and Carson was just ON all day long but we are so very thankful for our crazy life right now because we know time flies!

I do have some good news from today though. Tyler has been rolling back to belly all day. At first I loved it but then he started to wake up in his sleep at every nap today from doing it and getting stuck on his arm. So I have a love/hate relationship with milestones I guess.

I also wanted to share Carson’s Thanksgiving art project from school. He actually had 3 but this one was too cute to not share. We had a hand turkey from his hand print and inside what he told his teachers he was thankful for:

Happy Halloween!

I just wanted to post some pics of the kids and a few of Carson from his previous Halloweens.

Tyler didn’t have a costume because I couldn’t find one I liked in his size and I figured he wouldn’t know the difference anyway. But today I really wanted to get a cute pic of him so I put the hat from Carson’s first Halloween costume on his head and hit fit. The rest of it was way too big since Carson was 6 months old when he wore it.

So here is the cute little pumpkin!
He could care less what I put on him and how many times I take his picture but what I discovered is that you get to dress them in cute costumes that YOU like for the first two years and then they get an attitude and an opinion and actually want to pick out their own costume and you have to just relax and go with it even though you don’t like it!! Oh and they also start to hate getting their picture taken too. (((rolling eyes))))

Carson was Diego because at the current time he LOVES Diego. And here is he is telling me that he doesn’t want me to take his picture and to stop. And the costume was so thin and cheap that he had to wear it over his clothes as you can see here.

He even had a rescue pack like Diego too and Dan had to fill it up with his favorite cars and random things from around the house. The imagination of a 2 year old is just so much fun!

And here is my sweet innocent Carson at 6 months old on his first Halloween…

And as a monkey on his 2nd Halloween…..

Oh and what am I going to do with all this leftover candy?!! We live in a neighborhood full of kids and got like 10 trick-or-treaters total. Ugh.

Happy Easter!

Just a quick post to say Happy Easter! We are having a whirlwind weekend between Carson’s 2nd bday, his Easter festivities at school on Friday, his party yesterday with our family and now Easter today. Plus, my parents are in town visiting so he’s getting tons of attention and soaking it all in.

Here he is wearing his Easter tophat we made for his Easter parade at school. Sadly he refused to put it on for the parade and was all drama when it came time to walk with his friends. He cried and stayed back with me! Now he wants to wear the hat all the time, go figure.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Thank you for the cards Grandmoms and thank you so much Pops and Nan for the popcorn tin with lots of other treats! Carson loved having a package waiting just for him at the door when we came home yesterday and had to dig in right away.

Here he is with the heart shaped cookie. One bite gone and all over his chin! He did share and it was yummy.

Christmas Hangover.

I guess that is what you call it when you have too much fun and too many toys to play with that you just pass out!

This was the day after Christmas by the way but I have been so bad at keeping up with this blog that I forgot to post Merry Christmas! We had a great day and Carson rose to the occassion after fighting off some type of virus with a low grade fever and restless sleep.
And just for you Gammy, we practiced “Merry Christmas” and here it is on video….

Christmas Eve.

So it’s Christmas Eve and we just finished playing Santa – meaning getting the large toys ready to go for Christmas morning. I just told Dan that now I know how my mom did it and how she felt the night before Christmas. Clearly, I am not as organized as my mom was since I just finished baking cookies, a pie, and wrapping gifts. Yes all ON Christmas eve!!!

I am so excited for tomorrow that I probably won’t sleep well tonight. Carson didn’t feel that great today so we are praying he gets a good night’s sleep and is ready for the fun. As I type this I hear him babbling in his crib which means he must be tossing and turning and still not feeling well. Sigh.

Anyway, just wanted to wish everyone an early Merry Christmas. I am blessed to have such a wonderful husband and amazing little man and to be surrounded by wonderful family and friends. xoxoxoxo.

p.s if you are wondering where your Christmas card is, I slacked and didn’t have time to do them so you will be getting a Happy New Year card this year instead!